We as a community, stand together without knowing it. We as a community live with each other every day yet most times we don’t have any connections to each other at all. We’ll that’s going to change. California Mission Kings is not just a brand, we’re a community joined together by the grace of reality. All too often are we alone, but now we have something to bring us together.

California Mission Kings was brought to mind as something that could bring communities together with style and flare so that you stand out more than the normal. This is a clothing brand that brings together two great aspects and merges them into a solid foundation of which is CMK. Those two aspects is the popular Skating style and the Alternative style, which are mostly thought of as a totally different style, yet opposites do attract and this is that case. The binding of these has brought forth a new style of which many can enjoy and feel. Since together we are big and alone we are small.

The package we have provided to you is of; quality product, great prices, Fresh style, a community, and more of a purpose. Together we will go far. I hope you will join us on this journey.